Urban Decay Urban Lash HBIC





Urban Decay Urban Lash HBIC.With Urban Lash, we wanted to create easy-to-apply styles that would provide great results. From thinner bands to clusters, these lashes deliver the maximum effect with minimal effort. The precision-tip applicator and easy to see iridescent adhesive (do not worry, it dries clear!) make for a stress-free application. And unlike many lash adhesives, ours is latex-free.Still not convinced you are ready to take the plunge? Not to worry we promise your first time will not hurt. Handy tips on the box will have you applying our false lashes like a pro in no time.The lashes come in an awesome, magnetic-closure reusable box with an iridescent backdrop that holds a clear tray for the lashes. Travelling and want to have options? You can stack two trays of lashes together and fit them both in one box.Beauty Accessories

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