The Dark Knight/Batman Begins – Blu-ray Double Pack





It might sound dramatic, but after the release of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins in 2005, superhero movies were never quite the same. Likewise, his 2008 follow-up, The Dark Knight, raised the bar higher still. Nolan not only resurrected the big screen adventures of Batman, he delivered two of the finest films in the superhero genre.This particular Blu-ray double pack was released to tie in with the arrival of The Dark Knight Rises, and some effort has been gone to in order to make it collectable. The packaging is sublime. Inside, too, there’s a pair of films that never seem to weaken, no matter how many times they’re spun. Briefly, Batman Begins introduced Christian Bale in the lead role, and gave us a Gotham City packed with darkness, crime and uncertainty. A clever plot, strong villains and an excellent tease for the next film made it one of the best genesis movies in the genre. Then, The Dark Knight broadened the canvas, introduced the late Heath Ledger as The Joker, and earned deserved rave reviews and massive box office returns. It’s a stunning, intelligent blockbuster movie. The discs have clearly been a labour of love, with the Blu-ray transfers both reference standard. Backed with a hefty collection of extras, it’s the wonderful presentation of the movies that’s the key thing here. It means that you get two brilliant films, brilliantly presented. Simply unmissable.Classification – 12

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