Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Boss™ Blender





Aptly named the Boss™; this easy to use, high velocity super blender will tajke charge in your kitchen. With simple one touch functions, minimum intervention is required putting you in complete control with this blender. Create everything from scratch from green smoothies to hot soup, from sorbets to hummus and nut butters to flour. The Boss™ features a high velocity ProKinetix® blade and bowl system that pulverises virtually any combination of ingredients, creating up to 50% smaller particles than traditional blending. This super fine texture creates a smoother taste compared to traditional blenders. With one touch functions including the innovative ‘Green Smoothie’ function and variable speeds ranging from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill, the Boss™ blender won’t let you down. Key Features: 3 Horse Power Motor Pro Kinetix Contoured Blade and Bowl System Large Back Lit LCD Screen 2L commercial grade Triton jug Variable 12 Speed Control Pre-set Functions for; Green Smoothie, Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, Soup, Ice Crush

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