RANGEMASTER Excel 110 Electric Induction Range Cooker – Ivory & Chrome




With two large ovens, a separate slow cooker, a glide-out grill and a five zone induction hob, the Rangemaster Excel 100 Induction Range Cooker is able to accommodate the demands of even the busiest of households.Plenty of optionsWith both the main and secondary ovens boasting a capacity of 69 litres you’ll be able to prepare plenty of food at all times with no problems. The main oven is multi-function and provides the ability to alter the type of cooking environment within the cavity to best suit the type of meal you’re cooking.The secondary oven is fan heated and provides the perfect setting for when you want to do some baking, be it a cake, a batch of biscuits or even something a bit more ambitious.A thirdslow cook oven, with a capacity of 21 litres, provides yet more options for the discerning kitchen connoisseur. Have a casserole or jacket potatoes ready for you when you get home from work, bake a fruit cake, or even use it to keep plates warm while you’re waiting to dish up the main course.With the Excel 100 you can be sure that whatever you want to do, there’s an option to accommodate your needs.Smart and stylishUsing iInduction technology, the Excel 100 offers a hob that is almost twice as efficient as regular gas hobs. By having zones that heat up only your pots and pans and not the actual hob itself, it’s an incredibly responsive and safe way to cook due to the lack of residual heat left on the surface.Additional features of the Excel 100 include an easy to use glide-out grill, catalytic liners to aid with oven cleaning and a handy rack that’s designed to let you check on your roasts with ease.Finished in a resplendent ivory design and with bar handles that make it easy to open and access the ovens safely, it’s easy to see why the Rangemaster Excel 100 Induction Range Cooker happily graces any kitchen with its presence.

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