RANGEMASTER Classic 110 Electric Induction Range Cooker – Cranberry & Chrome




The cranberry and chrome Rangemaster Classic 110 Induction Range Cooker combines traditional range styling with the latest in cooking technology. Dual ovens The Rangemaster Classic 110 Cooker offers three cavities to give you maximum cooking control and flexibility. Feel the benefits of having two large ovens at your disposal. The 76-litre main cavity uses fanned heat for incredibly even temperature distribution, making it ideal for everything from batch bakes to crisp pizza and succulent roasts. An adjustable Handyrack slides out with the door so you can check roasts easily without burning your fingers. The second oven gives you 69 litres of space, so the cooker really has all the space you’ll need for all your culinary endeavours. Using conventional heat, it gives you the flexibility to cook several different items with different temperature levels. Induction cooking The Classic 110 has a five-zone induction hob that uses highly impressive induction technology for quick and reliable cooking performance. These fast and efficient zones are highly responsive, so you can rely on them to provide the heat you need. The element beneath the hob surface creates a circuit with ferrous metal pans, delivering instant heat and accurate control. Whilst induction heat does not heat the surface of the hob, which makes them very safe, the surface can become hot because of heat from the pan. This cooker has hot hob indicators so you can see when the hobs are still hot, helping to prevent accidental burns. Extra cooking options Expanding your cookery further, the Rangemaster Classic 110 Cooker includes a separate full-width variable grill compartment. Prepare meat and anything else you please with a crispy browned finish, preserving natural flavours and doing away with the need for oil. A grill handle makes it easy to slide the grill out to check your food. There’s a programmable timer that makes it easy to set the oven to perform how you need it to – cook everything to perfection. Easy maintenance The Rangemaster Classic 110 Cooker features catalytic liners in both oven cavities, which oxidise spillages and food debris at high temperatures for easy wiping away. This makes oven maintenance considerably easier. Recommended by the Energy Savings Trust, the cooker is rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, so it’s kinder to your household bills and the environment. Enjoy a kitchen you can be proud of when you bring home the colourful Rangemaster Classic 110 Induction Range Cooker.

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