Panasonic Indoor Siren

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Panasonic Indoor Siren This interior wireless siren is ideal for warning family members of possible danger and is also ideal for the hard of hearing. Once triggered by an interior motion, door/window or glass break sensor, the siren instantly emits a clear, emergency sound up to 110 dB. A bright, LED strobe alerts the hearing impaired and can provide critical illumination during nighttime hours. Designed to work with the Smart Hub (see item number 7746R), just connect the hub to your network, download the control app to your smartphone, and pair the device to the hub. Smart Home by Panasonic is a household monitoring and control system that allows you to keep an eye on your home when you’re not around. Each smart home device works alongside each other to give you the ultimate feeling of comfort, knowing your house is being monitored. Depth: 46 MM Height: 71 MM Width: 73 MM

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