NIKKO DRL Air Elite 115 Drone with Controller – Black & Yellow

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Top features: – Professional racing technology provides the ultimate drone racing experience – Three variable modes and speeds make this the perfect drone for pilots of all skill levels – DRL Flight Simulator lets you get the hang of flying without any risk to your drone – One-touch stunts are guaranteed to impress your friends Professional racing technology Nikko Air have teamed up with Drone Racing League to deliver the perfect drone for those looking to get into drone racing without breaking the bank. The Air Elite 115 is designed to help you train from first-time flyer to an advanced pilot, while learning a whole host of cool tricks along the way. Welcome to flight school! Three variable modes and speeds Work your way up to becoming a pilot fully in control with the Air Elite 115’s three modes and speeds. Nikko Mode features auto-banking, handling the sharp turns for you. Move up to Advanced Mode to have auto-stability but take control of sharp turns, and Pro Racer Mode to have full manual control over your flight. DRL Flight Simulator Just as a pilot learns on a simulator before flying a real-life aircraft, so too can you with DRL Flight Simulator. Download for free to your Windows or Mac device and use your remote control to earn your stripes as a drone pilot. As well as a great practising tool, you can race against other pilots from all over the world while taking what you’ve learned from the simulator into reality with your Air Elite 115. One-touch stunts Put on a mesmerising aerial display with no less than sixteen different stunts, all available with one touch. With funnel turns, 360° spins, flips and rolls, you’ll be able to take your flying skills to the next level with incredible ease. ___________________________________________Please note: when flying a drone in the UK you must follow The Drone Code as set out by The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). For more information visit

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