John Lewis Aluminium Plancha Grill Pan, L47cm





Grill healthy meals ‘a la plancha’ at home with this large Plancha Grill Pan from John Lewis. Cooking oil and fat juices run off to leave a tasty and healthier meal. It’s perfect for searing diced meat, fish fillets, scallops and other delicate foods such as asparagus stalks and aubergine slices. The pan has excellent heat conductivity thanks to the extra thick 7mm bottom. The superb quality die-cast aluminium body and large rectangular non-ridged grilling area can be used across two different heating zones on your stove top. The high edge makes for drip-free grilling and there is a non-stick Greblon C3 coating to ensure ease of turning food. The griddle comes complete with heat resistant, removable grey silicone handles. Suitable for all heat sources including induction. Getting the most from your induction pans All of our John Lewis induction pans are tested to the British and European standards for safety and performance. To ensure the functionality of induction pans, it is important to make sure the magnetic circuit with the hob isn’t broken by: Making sure the size of the pan base is no smaller than the hob and ring Using pans with a flat base Not lifting the pan off the hob top continuously Giving coated and aluminium pans with steel bases more time to heat, as the aluminium sides do not heat directly from the hob

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