Itek Retro Antique Vintage Music System (Cassette, CD, Radio & Turntable) – Wood

£199.99 £99.99




Bring a touch of musical tradition to your home with the antique record, CD, cassette and radio player. In a traditional wooden housing, the system not only plays your vinyl records, but also plays CD’s and cassettes, so you can enjoy music from every era with music in every format. The mains powered player also features an AM/FM radio letting you tune into your preferable stations quickly and easily via the simple retro-style dials. A headphone jack enables a more private listen without disturbance whilst the hinged lid protects the player when not in use, making it an ideal addition to any music-lovers home. Features:Enjoy music from every era in every format including vinyl, CD, cassette and AM/FM radio Easy-to-use radio tuner and dials for simple operation, suitable for all users Built-in headphone jack offers a private listen without disturbance Traditional style wooden housing with hinged lid to protect the player when not in use Mains powered, simply plug into a socket to enjoy

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