Hot Wheels Speed Winders Torque Twist





Hot Wheels Speed Winders Torque Twist. Play with Hot Wheels in new, innovative ways that inspire creativity and learning while having a blast! Get started with the Speed Winders Torque Twister by using rubber bands to supply the power – crank the back knob to wind up the rubber bands inside the drive shaft – and take off! With front steering, you can pull off awesome donuts and execute hairpin turns. Store your bands right on the car’s feature hooks for a cool stylistic detail. Powering vehicles with rubber bands takes the thrill of Hot Wheels into the realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math— the building blocks for problem solving and innovation. Experiment with the rubber bands included or any others that you can get your hands on. Combine your vehicle with another Torque Twister or with the Twisted Cycle double the speed! Each sold separately. Colours and decorations may vary. Not for use with some Hot Wheels track sets.

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