Fisher Price Infant Toddler Rocker




Both you and your baby will love this Infant-to-Toddler Rocker from Fisher-Price. Its a reclining infant seat with a fold-out kickstand better for feeding Baby. It starts out as a calming rocker with a low-profile frame very appropriate for new-borns, before easily converting to an infant seat with bat-at toys overhead. Then, as your child grows, the toy bar easily removes and it becomes a toddler rocking chair. Adjust the seat upright so your babys movements create rocking motion with stimulating toys to enjoyKey features:• Fold-out kickstand and reclining seat for feeding or napping• Two removable, linkable monkey toys with rollerball and clacker beads• Deep cradle seat with calming vibrations soothes younger babies• Toy bar easily removes for older babies to sit and play• Improves eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills• Easy conversion to toddler rocker• Removable, machine washable pad• Volume control• Secure, three-point restraint• Versatile seat angles add comfort for babies of different agesRequires 1x D batteryMaximum weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg)

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