Enamel on Steel Deep Fryer – Cream

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Whether it’s chips, chicken, donughts, fish or onions, the versatile and robust deep fryer, with basket and glass lid, will ensure you can enjoy a delicious meal whenever you want. Made using durable steel, the fryer is given a cream enamel finish for added toughness while making it chip and scratch resistant. Handles on the side ensure you can safely pick up the pot with both hands. The wire basket, also with handles for allowing the fat to drain and easy removal once cooled, is of ample size ensuring you can get a good portion of your ingredients into the fryer. A heat resistant glass Pyrex lid will sit neatly on top, turning it into a casserole dish, and with handles as well, the deep fryer is as safe as it is versatile for all your cooking needs. The fryer can also be used in a conventional oven or as a serving dish, with the glass lid keeping the heat in. Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning the deep fryer is ideal for everyday use.Material: Steel Glass PyrexDimensions: H16 X W33 X D27 CM

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