BOSCH HRG6769S2B Electric Oven – Stainless Steel





Enjoy multifunctional heating options with the Bosch Serie 8 HRG6769S2B Electric Oven in stainless steel.Oven functionsThe HRG6769S2B is a multifunction oven that provides you with plenty of ways to cook tasty meals. There’s a pizza function which works to create a crispy base whilst keeping the topping moist. You can also use the bottom heat only function for reheating or for a crisp underside for foods such as bread and pastry cases.This oven features both a full-width variable grill. Using the full-width grill you can grill large quantities with precise temperature control, or use it on half-width to focus on grilling small amounts of food. By only heating up the central section of the grill, you can save energy on your electricity bills.For added efficiency, you can also close the door to help keep the heat in as well as the delicious smells of your cooking.Hot air grillingThis function (also known as the roast dinner button) creates a rotisserie effect which is ideal for meat and poultry when preparing a roast. It uses only half the energy that traditional roasting uses, helping to save you money and ensuring that your roast dinners become the envy of your family and friends.Pyrolytic self cleaningWith the pyrolytic clean function, the HRG6769S2B will use heat to burn away the worst of the dirt inside, helping to save you time and energy in the kitchen. By heating up to 480°C, the oven burns away any dirt and spillages, allowing you to wipe away the ash with ease once the oven has cooled.A choice of three different levels also ensures that you can adapt the program depending on how much cleaning the oven requires.EcoSilence DriveThe HRG6769S2B utilises a brushless motor that uses less energy. It helps the oven to warm up and cool down much quicker, working quietly and efficiently.Cook with confidence using the Bosch HRG6769S2B Electric Oven in stainless steel.

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