AEG HK604200IB Electric Induction Hob – Black





Top features:- Exact and instant temperature adjustment with touch controls – Induction heat offers efficient cooking options – Clean as you cook as the rest of the hob remains cool Exact and instant temperature adjustmentThe HK604200IB allows you to adjust the temperature quickly and accurately. Responsive touch controls give you complete control over the cooking process. Boil water rapidly and reduce to a simmering temperature in a matter of seconds.Induction heat offers efficient cooking optionsUsing induction heating gives you enhanced control over the cooking process. The HK604200IB heats only the pan rather than the surface, reducing energy waste and giving you quick and easy control over the heat. As such, the hob provides an efficient performance which helps to reduce your household bills.Clean as you cookInduction heating means that the surface around the pans stays cool as you cook. This allows you to clean up spills as you go rather than waiting till after you finish cooking. Since nothing gets burnt on, you can keep the HK604200IB looking pristine at all times.

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